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  • CartelSeeds - Банк семян (производитель)


    Cartel Seeds is a union of breeders that love their business, which operates on the basis of a cartel agreement, which sets out the conditions binding on all participants

    Participants of the cartel retain their independence and carry out their activities on the basis of a cartel agreement.

    The cartel united the professional breeders from Spain, Russia, Ukraine and other countries. The Union implements the accumulated experience in its strains, has been working in the industry since 2009.

    The main goal of the Union is to bring out easily cultivated varieties of hybrids that are not susceptible to disease and are ideal for growing in our climate.

    Popular hybrids from around the world served as a base for creating and improving strains from Cartel Seeds.

    The Union of Cartel Seeds monitors the quality and germination of its seeds and, like the cartel, all deviations from the norm are severely punished, of course no one cuts off a hands to anyone, but each cell of the cartel is responsible for its function, which makes the final result more than worthy.

    It does not matter whether you decide to plant seeds in an enclosed space or under the open sky - know Cartel Seeds have taken care of - that you are satisfied!

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